The Velemun Botanical Garden is located not far from Plav, about 2 km away in the village of Brezojevice. The garden is managed by the professor of chemistry Milutin - Mićo Praščević. The garden was named after an endemic plant species from the Lincura family that grows on Visitor, at the foot of which the garden is located.

The garden was built in 1991 and now has about 250 plant species, special endemics and relics from Prokleti. There is also a newly discovered plant species in the garden, which was named Alchemila Vincecki after the research couple Daniel and Vera Vincecki. Among the numerous plant species, special attention is drawn to: Blečić's Wulfenia from Visitor, Montenegrin Five-toed and Prokletij Odoljen brought from Caranfil, Mountain Star from Greben, Đuraš's Rabbit from Volušnica, Velemun from Visitor, Snowy Runolist from Hajla, Alpine Five-toed from Maja Jezercet.